Webnet-Frame Inviss-R

מגוון הכבלים שלנו לאדריכלות כולל כבלי נירוסטה בקטרים ​​מ-0.62 מ"מ עד 26 מ"מ בשיטות בנייה שונות

The frames are manufactured according to individual dimensions.

Frame type Inviss-R is available with Webnet of the rope diameters of 1,5 and 2 mm. The mesh size of the net is freely selectable. Special shapes with specific geometries require a prior feasibility check.

The net is attached to the frame within the profile groove, without wrapping around the tube. The specification of the frame, net, and dimension is done according to project-specific requirements.

Technical requirements are to be defined by the responsible engineers. The maximum logistical frame size is 1500 x 2500 mm.

Please refer to further instructions in the Frames F2technical catalog as well as in the Frames datasheet.

Nr. k ø d ST ø mm kg
30924-0026-50 2 26.9 12


Further informations

Material group: material group AISI 316/1.4401
Frame made of tube Ø 26,9 x 2 mm